About Form Healthy Habits

There are a lot of fads in the world of health and wellness – fads that have no scientific foundation or clinical proof.

Form Healthy Habits, however, is committed to 100% eco-sensitive, 100% guaranteed-effective health and wellness products. Each item is thoroughly tested to ensure both purity and potency, and is designed to reduce toxins and promote a safe, sustainable environment.

Delia Dorn

As the principal and owner of Form Healthy Habits, my commitment to safe and effective products is backed by extensive industrial experience. For 13 years, I worked as a chemical research engineer, product developer, and quality assurance supervisor. This gave me a firm understanding of how chemical products are developed and manufactured, and of how they interact with our health and our environment.

After leaving the chemical manufacturing industry 14 years ago, I researched several different “green” providers. I examined their vision, products, and processes to ascertain whether they could support their claims to eco-sensitivity and efficacy. Based upon this research, I elected to become a Shaklee independent distributor. Shaklee demonstrates unswerving dedication to research (including clinical trials) and quality manufacturing, which is why I am proud to offer their products to both individuals and businesses.

As a professional green consultant, I have educated men and women in both the private sphere and the corporate sector on how to implement eco-friendly initiatives in every area of life. It is my joy and my privilege to help others improve their health, create a toxin-free home or business, and protect our environment for future generations.

Call Form Healthy Habits today at 610-517-1255 for an in-home personal consultation or a professional presentation at your place of business that will provide you with the information you need to help you achieve a healthier, greener lifestyle!