Meet Jurdy

Meet Jurdy!

— the new hot green character from "Jurdy World" where everyone's completely Green—from their color, to their way of life. Jurdy is a spunky, witty and oft-times hair-brained creature who is non-gender, -age, -culture or -race specific. Jurdy has a smart grasp on our frenzied world where there is little time to care for the environment. Jurdy has been observing us now for 50 years and can be silent no more! Jurdy says Green is important, but it should also be fun!

So—get grinning, get greening!


Jurdy has a whole new look! Check it out at

Jurdy Green



JurdyGreen helps us cope with the "green" stress to so we can maintain the long term momentum needed to save our planet.






Laughing Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

Why Should I Hire A Human

Another dry “how-to” book? Hardly. Check out these simplified workplace rules…complete with a touch of humor.

…but why should I hire a human?
by Jenifer Jurden and Jurdy by Riegel Printing, Inc.
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Jurdy will teach you how to get workplace results that are out of this world! Great gift idea for clients and co-workers.

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