Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive

What's New! is a monthly resource newsletter. Check out the latest products and health information.

In an effort to reduce paper copies, I've now made this newsletter available on-line.

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Volume 28, Issue 12:

-Don't Worry "B" Happy!
-What's Stressing You Out?
-EZ Gest & Stomach Soothing Complex

Volume 28, Issue 11:

-Shaklee Studies and Their Impact on the Scientific Community

-Landmark Study
-Vitamin D Study
-Polyphenol Study
-Immune Function Study
-Meal Replacement Drink & Exercise Study

-Defend Your Body & Resist Bacteria

Volume 28, Issue 10:

-The White House "Get's Clean"
-More Vitamin D in the Multi-Vitamin
-Vivix Goes Kosher
-Grow or Start Your Own Business with FastTrack

Volume 28, Issue 9:

-Herbs & Botanical Products
-Here's just a few:

-Glucose Regulation Complex
-Stress Relief Complex
-Natural Pain Relief

Volume 28, Issue 8:

-Alfalfa–The Father of All Foods (and one of my favorite products!)
-Flavomax–high powered anti-oxidant supplement
-Iron + Vitamin C

Volume 28, Issue 7:

-Rx for a Healthier Life
-What is Resveratrol?
-How to combat cellular aging

Volume 28, Issue 6:

-New Baby Products
-New Nutrition Products for Kids

Volume 28, Issue 5:

-Fun in the Sun
-Common Myths about Sun Protection
-Facts about Skin Cancer
-Go with the Flow–Saw Palmetto and Facts about Prostate Health

Volume 28, Issue 4:

-Be Good to Your Home and the Planet
-The Dirt on Clean
-Which Products are Unsafe
-Smart Cleaning Products

Volume 28, Issue 3:

-More Years to Your Life, More Life to Your Years
-Rx for a Healthier Life

Volume 28, Issue 2:

-Heart Smart
-Stressed Out?
-Stomach Soothers

Volume 28, Issue 1:

-Understanding Menopause
-Enfuselle Skin Care
-Health & Beauty

Volume 27, Issue 12:

-The Skinny on Weight Loss
-Break the Diet Cycle
-Keeping Your Kids Healthy

Volume 27, Issue 11:

-Bateria's Role in the Body
-Safe-guarding Your Body with Omega 3s
-The Immune System at Work

Volume 27, Issue 10:

-A Fountain of Health: Could you live 10 years longer?
-Live Longer, Happier, Healthier
-Revolutionary Anti-Aging Supplement

Volume 27, Issue 9:

-Workout Maximizers
-Peak Performers
-3 Part Pain Relief System

Volume 27, Issue 8:

-Easy way to boost your body
-Sun Smarts
-Chewable Calcium

Volume 27, Issue 7:

-Flavonoids: Mother Nature's Gift
-NutriWhite–Has your skin taken its vitamins?

Volume 27, Issue 6:

-Wellness Pack–Three Products to Keep You at Your Best
-Fuel Your Day with Soy Protein
-Boost Your Immunity with Our Exclusive Dietary Supplement

Volume 27, Issue 5:

-The Highs and Lows of Blood Sugar
-Instant Firming Serum

Volume 27, Issue 4:

-Is Your House Safe?
-Household Cleaning Products
-Get Clean Starter Kit

Volume 27, Issue 2:

-Children's Health
-Children's Health Products
-New Cinch Flavors!

Volume 26, Issue 10:

-Vitalize Your Life
-More New Products

Volume 26, Issue 9:

-Stress Is it all bad?
-B-Happy The benefits of B-Vitamins
-Get Moving! 3 Part Pain Relief Program