Green Cleaners

Who do you know?

• Do you know parents concerned about the chemicals in their home and the affect these products are having on their children's health?

• Do you know teachers and caregivers interested in creating healthy environments for their students?

• Do you know someone that is interested in creating a green environment for their home and/or office?


It's my misson to create healthier homes and communities and you can help! Share this information with everyone you know.

Get Greening

Discover why it's healthier, more efficient, and more responsible to go "green."

Any space, any style can be made green. Think about how green you want to go. From changing your light bulbs, painting a room, replacing your flooring, going solar, remodeling, adding a room, to even building a green house from the ground up, you can make a positive impact on the environment and the health of your family. You might even end up lowering your utility bills!

We spend an enormous amount of time in our homes, which makes them the most important place to start going green. Don't forget that our schools, daycares, offices, and communities can all be more healthy, efficient, and environmentally friendly!

Home Care

From the kitchen to the laundry to, actually, the whole household, we have a powerful cleaner that beats what you’re using now. Check out this handy usage guide to help you determine which products are best for particular surfaces.

We believe in cleaners that don't leave behind more toxins than the toxins they're supposed to clean.

Visit my new blog to learn simple ways you can "GREEN UP" your cleaning habits. Add your comments and share your tips with other readers. Also–check the Resources section of this site for links to organizations dedicated to creating a healthier world.

You can make a Difference!

When you purchase green cleaners instead of ready-to-use products, you're helping reduce over 100 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and eliminating 248 pounds of greenhouse gases – this is the environmental equivalent of planting 10 trees.