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Looking for good, solid information on what a “green” lifestyle is all about? Interested in finding out how to lower your stress, improve your life, and achieve your goals?
Form Healthy Habits offers interactive presentations, lunch and learns, and informational seminars to:

* Businesses and corporations
* Non-profit organizations
* Social groups

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Here are just a few of the presentations we offer at Healthy Habits – for more information and additional topics, call us at 610-517-1255.

What’s Under Your Sink?

We spend an enormous amount of time in our homes, which makes them the most important place to start going green. Learn what dangers might be hiding under your sink, what steps you can take to create a healthier environment, and what to consider when selecting alternative products.

Your Life by Design

Have you recently left the workforce? Are you a working mom struggling to balance job and family responsibilities? Do you belong to a “mothers with young children” group? Learn how to create a life you’ll love by taking control of the way you think, creating power through your passions, and designing the life of your dreams!

Extend Your Expiration Date

Science has proven that many of the chronic diseases and leading causes of death can be prevented or at least controlled through simple lifestyle changes. Discover how we age and the key mechanisms of cellular aging, plus the healthy behaviors that can promote better living and a healthy anti-aging lifestyle.

Get Grinning, Get Greening

Are you overwhelmed with all the talk about “going green?” Do you feel intimidated by the concept? Perhaps you feel pressured to participate? Turn eco-anxiety into eco-anticipation with this entertaining and engaging presentation! You’ll learn a wide variety of ways to “go green” at work and at home that are very simple, yet which carry a powerful impact!

What is Stress Doing to You?

Did you know that stress accounts for 75-90% of all doctor visits? During this presentation you’ll learn how stress affects our bodies, plus life-saving tips to reduce stress, lower the risk developing more serious health problems, and prolong your life.


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